Local Authors

Books are $20 each
+ $5 flat fee for shipping
Gallery and curbside pick up
Get in touch : gallery@atelierludmila.com

David Bateman ~ Poetry
Wait Until Late Afternoon
designation youth
’tis pity

Angela Hibbs ~ Poetry
Control Suppress Delete

Justin Million ~ Poetry
Ejecta the uncollected keyboards!

Janette Platana ~ Short Stories
A Token of my Affliction

Charlie Petch ~ Poetry
Why I was Late

Ursula Pflug ~ Novella
Down From

Ziy Sah ~ Poetry
consents + / = / – severances

PJ Thomas ~ Poetry

TE Wilson ~ detective novels
Mezcalero and Wild Dogs of Mexico

Books are $20 each
+ $5 flat fee for shipping
Curbside pick up,
get in touch : galleryludmila [at] gmail [dot] com

It all started with P.J.
and I am not the first to say those words..
Her new book “Undertow” had just come out and
it seemed like a good fit for the gallery

and then
they appeared
the writers
the poets

most on foot
one by mail

we turned over a plinth
to make a shelf
and it seemed like an even better fit
Art & Books, go figure