Family Friendly Shows

“Making Art BIG, with the Little People”
Atelier Ludmila has found a formula for creating great shows for creatures of all ages: First, we set up our antenna and listen closely for a really strong signal from the world’s collection of fables and fairy tales to emerge and when it does, we haul it in with all our might until The Story has landed.
With The Child Hero leading the way, we embark on a roving bombastic journey inspired by The Story’s country, culture and customs where we always meet new friends dressed up in old fashions. We turn a corner and discover the Villain
-we’re not afraid to be afraid!
With the help of good folks, a few tricks and a spell or two, we pluck up our courage and let The Story show us how to overcome obstacles and prejudices to find – low and behold- the best in ourselves and each other.
IT WORKS! So we’re going to keep on doing it.

Our sets, inventions and puppets are all hand-made in our lab, and are full of magic
-the good kind –
that allow young audiences to say ‘Hey! I know how that works, I can make that happen too!”
Our productions engage communities with experiments and workshops leading up to the show and offers hands-on show and tells after the applause has subsided.

Come on out- check out our workshop page and get in on the action.


Baba Yaga and the Lost Babushka,
a retooling of a classic Eastern European myth with brand new inventions and the biggest puppets we’ve made yet. September 6 & 7, 2014. Stewart Street Park and Victoria Park.
Enboldened by the mythical Fire Bird, our heroes Hunter and Sasha pluck up their courage, peel off their goo googley gadgets set and set off to the wild woods save their Babushka. Along the way they meet some wise forest dwellers including the wise-cracking Wizard, save a beautiful butterfly, dance with a band of ukulele buzzing bees and face off with the delightfully devilish Baba Yaga.
Presented by Peterborough Arts Week and the City of Peterborough. Fuelled by Public Energy.
Community dinner created by Food not Bombs
With free puppetry workshops, every Friday in July and August, 2014 at the Stewart Street Community Garden.
Starring  Hilary Wear, Leigh Macdonald, Max Price, Audrey McCarthy, Carolyn McCarthy, Sarah Rudnicki, Stephanie Cann, Lyndelle Gauci, and Audry Eyers
With music by David Berger & The Ptbo Ukes!, Jon Finn
Rigging by Hoagy Wilson
Directed by Laurel Paluck
watch the video/interview with Peterborough Artsweek here. By Leslie Menagh.
photos by Esther Vincent on facebook
Press: PTBOCanada, KawarthaNOW 

Cast of Baba Yaga
Rehearsal with cast of Baba Yaga. photo by Sam Tweedle.

In the summer of 2013, we danced along the hills and in the trees of Victoria Park, Peterborough, Ontario to present Wunderbar! Inspired byBrundibár, achildren’s opera by Czech composer Hans Krása, we brought audiences right into the action to help defeat the greedy Organ Grinder and free the voices of the people. Featuring an array of pretty big artist-built puppets and a cast of gorgeous characters including a Scatting Rat, a Demure Raccoon, a Blizzard-tossed Wizard, a Flying Mayor and a Mother Mosquito.
Direction: Laurel Paluck. Performers: Elizabeth Fennel, Hilary Wear, Janel Jarvis, Kathleen Adamson, Leigh Macdonald, Max Price, Sarah McNeilly, Teresa Macdonald, Wes Ryan.
Music: Jill Staveley, Glen Caradus, The Lonely Parade and The Peterborough Ukulele Club for Kids.        
Presenting Partners: Public Energy, Artsweek

photo by Tim Wilson

Click on the photo for a peek into the lab.

Jack & the Beanstalk Go Downtown
In the summer of 2010, we took over the streets, sidewalks and parking lots of  the Hunter Street Cafe District, in Peterborough, Ontario to present Jack & the Beanstalk Go Downtown, a classic tale told through an array of puppets styles – from a large processional Ogre to intricate shadow play, along with  a balloon powered beanstalk danced by a gang of brilliant kids. It was spectacular.
Direction: Laurel Paluck. Performers: Leigh Macdonald, Wes Ryan, Sam Sayer, Dan Smith, Lisa Dixon, Beau Dixon, Melanie McCall, Max Price, Angus Macdonald, Sebastien Kay-Childs. Costumes: Melanie McCall Puppets: Melanie McCall, Craig Dowson, Laurel Paluck. Sets: Leigh Macdonald, Angus Macdonald, Sebastien Kay-Childs
Presenting Partners: Public Energy, Peterborough Artsweek

photo by Esther Vincent / Mustang Photography

Click on the photo to follow the story through a slide show.

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