Alice Olsen Williams

Minaachimo-Kwe /Alice Olsen Williams
Anishinaabe -Kwe
Opening Friday, November 4, 6-10pm
November 4– 27, 2022

Ludmila Gallery
129 1/2 Hunter St. W. 2nd Floor Peterborough ON

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Saturday & Sundays noon to 5pm
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Minaachimo-Kw /Alice Olsen Williams is a certified public school teacher. While looking after their four children and their home, Alice completed her B.A. from Trent University, Peterborough, ON, as well as developing her skills in beadwork and sewing. In 1980 she discovered quilting, mastering the techniques which allow her to create the meticulous hand-quilting in her bed coverings and wall hangings. Gradually Alice formed the concepts which would be the basis for her distinctive style and work. Blending her cultural heritage into a unified whole, she envisions the central motif to depict the symbols and themes of her mother’s Anishinaabe culture, surrounded by the conventional North American quilting blocks and patterns which were developed and continue to be evolved by those women and their descendants who came to this Land from Europe, the legacy of her father’s people. Through her understanding of the teachings of the Elders, Alice has created her own Life symbol. She continues to grow as an artist, searching for new ways to express the Spirit of Creation in the images of her designs.

A Small Star Blanket
When I taught the small Star Blanket, I used the pieces that the class threw out to make this Star
34” X 34”

Pine Tree at Night
The first time I’ve seen a quilted
evergreen at night
44” X 60½”

Rest and Relax
Don’t you wish you could rest and relax like this
3 or 4 times a week without any guilt?
40” X 40”
$890 SOLD

Moose on a Foggy Morning
So beautiful alive, yet so good to feast on
49” X 42½”

Turtle Island
Getting that map on the Turtles was kind of tricky
40” X 55”

My Mother’s Gift
Anishinaabe-Kwewag use a lot of floral designs when they do beadwork, embroidery, painting, and other media. This is taken from the vamp of a pair of moccasins my mother made for me.
51” X 61”

Two Ways to See the Four Directions
Anishinaabeg see the Four Directions as a way of getting guidance on how to live Life in a good way
on this Earth Plane. Shaaganaashag use a compass to find their spot on this Earth
47” X47”

Xmas Star
Using Xmas fabrics to make this Star.
It could be called Star of Bethlehem
48½ X 48½

Some Stars
In among my orphan blocks were a couple of Stars

Caring for All of Creation
If you’re not loving your Life know it’s not your doing. Life has been made pretty shitty for us.
39½” X 39½”

Honey Bees
See the honey pot in the centre?
A traditional quilting block
17” X 22”

Dresden Plates
Various Ways to Use the Dresden Plate 35” x 35” $680

Happily Eaten 35″ x 27″ $575


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