First Fridays at Atelier Ludmila Gallery

On the first Friday of each month artist studios, galleries and various art-positive spaces throughout downtown Peterborough open their doors to invite an art-hungry public in. 

The Commerce Building at 129 1/2 Hunter St. West is home to a variety of artist studios, circled by store owners who support the local arts economy through hosting art works of every sort. Follow the signs, follow your nose, make your own adventure.

Atelier Ludmila Gallery: 129 1/2 Hunter Street West Studio #1 exhibits visual art.
The Drawing Room: 129 1/2 Hunter Street West Studio #5- offers pop-up interactions.

February  2020
Atelier Ludmila Gallery ~ Finger Prints: The marks we make / YES


December 2019 ~ Winter Market

November 2019 ~ Holly Edwards

October 2019 ~ JoEllen Brydon

September 2019 ~ Nearly There / Johnnene Maddison

June 2019 ~ Suzanne & Bob Andrews : In Black & Colour

May 2019 ~ Janet Howse   Drawing Room: John Marris

April 2019 ~ Leigh Macdonald

March 2019 ~ Brian Nichols   Drawing Room:  Justin Million

February 2019 ~ John Marris & Bradly Boyle   Drawing Room: Esther Vincent;
Photography: Liz Diniz

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Sweepings: Post First Night Feb 2019