Graphic Design

Posters Are Public Art!
Lolly Pluck loves to fire up her graphic-design griddle and serve up original, lip-smacking images for posters, print ads, t-shirt designs, buttons, and digital media.
She’s fast, professional and easy to work with. Along with her design skills, she knows how to draw out your ideas to incorporate your vision into projects you’ll be proud of.
Let’s get cooking! email lollypluck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Lolly Pluck designed for  The Trent Film Society for over 10 years, incorporating heady intellectual concepts into eye-catching posters (& providing many a student with free art work for their dorms).

Have a visit with “The Ladies of Leisure” portrait series. These gals are gracing the walls of better homes and hospitals (PRHC —The Fine Art of Health 2013-14).
take a boo.

 Logos, posters, flyers and social media images galore!

Public Energy, Max’s Cabarets, Beau Dixon/Firebrand, The Peterborough Public Library, Ode’min Giizis Festival, Rob Phillips, Catalina’s Barbeside, Trent Radio, buttons and Hoagy’s How-To electronic book covers are some of the locals Lolly works with to brighten the poles, walls and lapels of Peterborough.

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