Janet Howse

Sam & Amelia (commission)

The creative and somewhat unfocused genius of Janet Howse began at an early age when she would steal her mother’s jewelry and take it apart to make something better.
After a time she moved on to nail polish art which resulted in the complete annihilation of all the varnish on the living room furniture.

With effort and luck her creative leanings were channeled into a degree in art from NSCAD.

Much to everyone’s surprise, including her own, this lead her down a path of therapeutic art programming in the field of healthcare.  Spending more than a decade in this field, it is from here that much of her inspiration comes.  The weird, wonderful, lonely, broken, resilient, tenacious and often hysterically funny world of aging.  This microcosm of hope and dysfunction spilling over into everyday life.

“It never ceases to amaze me how complicated our mundane lives are”.

Janet is a true optimist (masked in a blunt and mildly suspicious persona) with a unbreakable faith in human kindness which she sees most profoundly in the cracks in our facades,  moments of unintentional vulnerability, the ability to laugh at oneself and our continual attempts to try to love.

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