Joe Lewis 2021

joe lewis
One Thought: 20 Years of Making

Textile works

September 3 – 26, 2021

In this exhibition there will be a selection of pieces created since 1998 that use a silhouette of figure in a competitive Body Building pose to explore techniques of creating surface design through; applique, embroidery, silkscreen and structure (hand woven Jacquard cloth)

There will also be three “Mistaken Textiles” lengths handwoven cloth and garments made from them.

joe. lewis whose pronoun is simply Queer, is of invader/settler descent who is based in the stolen land known as Tkaronto, They have been exhibiting professionally since 1985 and was last seen in Peterborough at Artspace in their 1999 solo exhibition “Patchwork: Reconstructing the Personal. They have worked exclusively with textiles since 1997 and has been weaving since 2002.