Kirsti Smith

Kirsti Smith
Terrestrial Paradise
Opening Friday, May 6, 6-10pm
May 6 – 29, 2022

Atelier Ludmila Gallery
129 1/2 Hunter St. W. 2nd Floor Peterborough ON

Gallery Hours
Wednesdays to Sundays Noon – 4pm

Angel Dust detail

Kirsti Smith is a ceramic artist that creates personal narratives through her sculptures. She begins with inspirations from her own family history, sisterhood, and emotions such as grief and innocence to produce physical moments. She creates tactile art that can be touched, as well as emotionally connected to; forming an intimate experience for the viewer. Blurring the line between fine art and functional ceramics, Kirsti brings familiar emotions into tangible experiences.

Arist Bio

Kirsti Smith is a ceramic artist currently based in Peterborough Ontario. She learned most of her technical skills while studying at Sheridan and later transferred to NSCAD where she received her BFA with a major in ceramics. After finishing her degree she moved back to Ontario to begin her own career as a ceramic artist. Her work is heavily based in the human emotions that are uncomfortable to express and the intimate experiences of working through them. She tries to convey a visual narrative through her work that the viewers can connect to on an emotional level. Many of her works include themes of loss, grief, hope, love and a yearning for home while still finding the joys in these tough emotions. Everyday she is finding new ways to continue developing and expressing her voice through ceramics.

Inside My Secrets

Angel Dust
Death Day

Empty Bones
Letting Go