Melanie McCall


Atelier Ludmila August 2021
Melanie McCall
She Who Calms the Hounds
Hung with dowel and wire
9″ x 16″ $325

The Longing
Hung with wooden dowel and frame
8″ x 9″ $175

No End
Hung with wooden dowel and frame
12″ x 16″ ” $250































Communing / Discovering Inner Archaeology within Nature
Cloth Collage
October 2 – 25, 2020
Opening Friday October 2, 6-10 pm

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Interviews with Melanie McCall:
Cloth Collage

“This body of work rests in nature, not just the natural world, but Our Natural Histories.
When we place ourselves in the presence of quiet observation and rhythmic work we come to discover our redacted history. The pace, the thread, the stitch binds us to our inner voices, bringing to the forefront our past. The sun drenching our face, birds singing, leaves rustling, quietly working asks us to look at the fabric of our beings, asks us to feel our history, asks us to touch it and bring it back into our present body and with that we stitch it, from mind, to finger to cloth. The codes we have created to speak with our inner selves are re-enlivened.

Nature has the power to return us there. The unfiltered noise of the natural world resounds in who we are. It belongs in us. We need to listen to that rhythm of life once more and stitch it back into being. “

Melanie McCall

Melanie McCall is a Textile Artist, who graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a BFA in Textiles. Her artistic practice spans 20 years and endeavours to speak with the natural world creating a third voice, a new language spoken in collaboration.

Works are created using rust dye, natural dye, stitching, embroidery, Morse Code and assemblage. Works are in collaboration with stick, leaf, flower, sun soil and water.

Workshops (dates tba)
Self discovery through meditative stitching

This intensive afternoon workshop will transport you to a quiet space of reflection using cloth and stitch to set the rhythmic pulse of introspection. Aligning ourselves with natural materials, communing with them and dipping into our Natural History we begin to break the pattern of separation within us.