Cath Adele
Threads of Belonging
Opening Friday, February 3, 6-10pm
February 3 – 26, 2023

Ludmila Gallery
129 1/2 Hunter St. W. 2nd Floor Peterborough ON

Gallery Hours
Friday, Saturday & Sundays noon to 5pm
By appointment email

I work primarily with textiles and stitching, making work that re-purposes utility materials and garments. The embedded history and story of cloth links me to the lineage of sewing circles and women’s handwork and fosters a connection with personal and community history.
Ordinary stitching practices, mending, darning and patching become my vocabulary. I am inspired by cloth’s functionality and by the evidence of the maker’s hand. My work with textiles includes stitching, tearing, dyeing, and stitching blindfolded with the resulting marks appearing as hieroglyphics.

Vessels speak to me through their functionality and beauty. Like stitching and mending, they reflect the domestic. This is a thread of continuity in all my work.

Cath is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Georgian College and now works from her straw bale studio in Peterborough. Her exhibitions include The Gladstone, Toronto 2018, The Quest Gallery, in Midland 2017, and Propeller, Toronto 2014.

Cotton, thread, acrylic paint
7′ x 6.5′
Untitled: Red on Grey
Various hand-dyed fabrics, thread, linen
Untitled: Lace on Khaki
Various hand-dyed fabrics, thread, linen
Untitled: silkscreen 1
Silk screened fabric, thread, linen
20″ x 24″
Untitled: silkscreen 2
Silk screened fabric, thread, linen
20″ x 22″
Blind Stiches
Ink on paper and wood
23″ x 20″
$300 SOLD
Blink Stitching on Mylar
Mylar, thread
31″ x 26″
$500 SOLD

Untitled Red
Various hand-dyed fabrics, linen, thread
27″ x 34″
Brown Vessel
Papier mache, chicken wire
18″ x 16″ appox