Rocky Green

a private view

November 6 – 30, 2020
Opening Friday November 6, 6-10 pm

We allow 5 viewers in at a time and will accommodate “first come first view” on opening night and on Weekends between noon – 4pm.
We are very happy to host bubbled groups and individuals ~ make an by appointment at

Excerpts from “a private view” by Rocky Green

I haven’t paid any attention to this blog in a long time, since covid really. My spellcheck still suggests “Ovid”. I wasn’t sure i had anything much worth saying. I read a lot of psychiatry. I leaned more to the left. There was no shortage of pundits and people with the time to write anxious thoughts freed by lockdown to self expression. My instinct is usually to depict the immediate concern in words much as in paint but there are privacy issues in writing that don’t come into play in paint so much. I don’t see how i do anyone any good living publicly in intimate journal mode in a small Canadian town, how I’d write anything helpful from a comfortable Canadian reclusion in mine. I’d been writing a long essay about race, who hadn’t?
I lived in the middle of forty forest acres online. I had dreary little to confess in the line of confessional poetry. Nothing in particular and the particular was the concern.I was hardly on the front lines.
I kept painting though, the chores and the pattern behavior of the studio filling my days. They comfort me, by moving through them I am meeting an albeit strangely pitched but rigorous, standard of behavior, self imposed, practiced if not obviously practical. I dunno. You try to hold up your end…
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