The Dream Machine

Dr Aschenbach and the Dream Machine
Atelier Lumila’s global initiative to collect and share the dreams of us all.
Part performance, part research project, The Dream Machine travels from city to town to village to park collecting and exchanging dreams through a variety of methods, including one-on-one sessions with the Doctor and his unique dream retrieval techniques & specialized dream mnemonics.
In exchange for each submission, dreamers receive an anonymous dream from the global collection to which their dream will be added.

Videos of the Dream Machine in action:

~ Mazatlan, Mexico dream collection 2014 by Matt Mawson

~ Amsterdam/Peterborough dream collection 2011

~ A  brief history of Dr. Aschenbach video


May 29 – June 2, 2014 Sleep Now: Interactive Installation and Dream Exchange
The Erring on the Mount Festival
1555 Monaghan Road, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada






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