Winter Solstice 2018

Atelier Ludmila presents Granny and The Starchild / Winter Solstice 2018
Granny & Starchild ✯
Hilary Wear & Charlie Watson
Deers ✯ Kate Brennan, Audrey Eyers, Sarah Rudnicki, Wes Ryan, Mariya Yagnyukova
Bear ✯ Conner Clarkin
Lady Caw Caw & The Bro Crows ✯ Janette Platana & Old Men Dancing
Foxes ✯ Dreda Blow, Bradley Boyle, Mary-Kate Edwards, Chris Jardin, Carolyn McCarthy
Wolves ✯ Naomi Duvall, Nathan Govier, June Govier, Daniel Smith
Music ✯ TASS Drummers with David Bigg on Sax and Taite Cullen on keyboard
Choreorgraphy ✯ Dreda Blow, Sarah Rudnicki, Nathan Govier
Directed by Laurel Paluck

Thanks to Andy Carroll for his fine photography

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