Winter Solstice 2019

Atelier Ludmila presents
Granny and The Starchild / Winter Solstice Celebration 2019
An annual event for one and all to enjoy as we tour Downtown Peterborough with merry gang of lantern bearers to find our animal friends and share our light.

Come together on Saturday December 21st, 2019 at 6pm
at the Peterborough Public Library Commons to join our Lantern Parade and begin a dance
through the window-lit streets of our downtown.The parade will bring us to The Peterborough Square for
Granny and the Starchild featuring Granny and her cast of foxes, wolves, crows, deers, a bear and maybe a mall rat too with live music ready to delight one and all.
It’s a gorgeous bit of magic, just like you.

Mamasita Greeta & Petite Greeta : Jill Staveley & Meara Watson
Granny Kokum ~ Hilary Wear
StarChild ~ Charlie Watson
Deer / Waawaashkeshiwag Sarah A. Rudnicki, Katelyn J. Brennan, Audrey Eyers, Katelyn
Bear / Makwa Conner Clarkin

Foxes /Waagoshag
Dreda Blow, Bradley Boyle, Nora von B.,
Mary-Kate Edwards, Mariya Yagnyukova

Crows / Aandegwag
Old Men Dancing, Janette Platana

Wolves / Ma’ iinganag
June Govier, Betsy Morgan-Quin, Nathan Govier

Dreda Blow, Sarah Rudnicki

Jay Edmunds, David Bigg, Zenon Bigg, Andrew Bigg, Melissa Baldwin, Carol McKey, Maddy Edmunds, Amanda Goller, Hermione Galloway-Fenwick, Annika Goeckel

Mall Rat / Producer
Laurel Paluck

Light Bringers