Dominique O’Bonsawin

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Each wall hanging is made with high quality Japanese seed beads and is backed with
smoked moose hide, which is a hand processed hide, and is finished with a 14k gold

Artist Bio & Statement follows photos

Echinacea 3-tier wall hanging
approx 7″
Forget-me-not Beaded floral with yellow background
8″ approx
Purple Floral with cream background
8″ approx
Seedling and Bud 2-tier wall hanging
9″ approx

Dominique O’Bonsawin is an Abenaki/French Canadian artist who grew up in Sudbury, Ontario.
Although she has always been crafty, she took up beadwork in 2015 and it has since become an
important part of Dominique’s identity and reconnection journey.
Dominique has facilitated multiple beadwork workshops, has shown at a few local art events
and has also started her very own online bead and supply store at, in hopes to
share her love for the practice.
Needless to say, beadwork is an important part of Dominique’s life. For her, art and beadwork
are healing. It relaxes her mind, it creates community and it allows her to explore and gain a
deeper understanding of what it means to be Abenaki.

Artist statement:
I have always been drawn to flowers and floral motifs. I am constantly in awe of the lessons and
inspiration that flowers give me. They tell us so much about what is happening and what is soon
to come.
This beaded floral collection was created from a place of good intention and hopefulness. Each
piece taking approximately 20-45 hours to finish.
Every bead sewn or woven to these pieces represents my deep love for Land and my Abenaki

Beadwork is medicine.

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