Ocean Leather

Ocean Leather

Plastic pollution is devastating our world.
We need change and action on every level, from boardrooms & ballot boxes to schools and studios.
Here at Atelier Ludmila, a collection of kids, artists, scientists and other curious creatures have been responding by coming together to explore and experiment with the single-use plastics we encounter everyday. We crush, pound, tear, fuse, sew, string up, reassemble and recreate garbage into workable materials that give new life to deadly things. We also laugh, and dance, and source some pretty great and sustainable joy from the powerful act of making.
The devastation may be ebbing only just a tiny little bit from our efforts, but our hearts and minds are growing. We hope yours are too.
Come see what we’ve been up to.

The Wailing September 2018
Peterborough, Ontario

The Wailing Peterborough

The Wailing is a funeral, it is a wakening of our emotions, an acknowledgment of our experience. It may may be a quickening of life struggling to be born, it may be an acceptance of death.  It is yours to choose. It is ours to share.



Mazatlán, Mexico, March 2018

VIVA LA VIDA, NO LA BASURA! click to enter,

P1130977Photo by Matt Mawson

Peterborough, Ontario, 2017 Queen Mary Public School

24296286_10159570822415277_4807219262613549720_nphoto by Andy Carroll

After 3 months of exploring ways to create new artist materials Chi Giigoonh the whale was born! Created by the grade five students of Ms. Williamson’s class at Queen Mary P.S. and artists Laurel Paluck, Kathryn Bahun, Christy Haldane and Hilary Wear. Our whale now hangs in the hallway of the school, showing that with our imagination, lots of hard work and a desire to find solutions, we can all help tackle the problems of plastic pollution! See the bags the students designed, created from single-use plastic sign sheets recovered from the AGP’s Studio Tour.

Thank you:
Jill Staveley, Sarah McKillican, Hartley Stephenson, Andy Carroll, DNA Studio,
the staff and students of Queen Mary P.S. and the Ontario Arts Council!